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About Us for travelers is owned and managed by Alia Global Services, a privately held company, offering travelers, the opportunity to book online quality hotel rooms worldwide.

The company was founded by a group of IT professionals and hoteliers with the intention of providing an attractive and accessible alternative of accommodation.

With plenty of information, our goal is to help everyone plan their ideal trips in more than 14000 locations around the globe, all year long.

Some of the main features that will allow you to select the perfect place to stay are:

Booking is free.

When booking a hotel, there are no fees whatsoever. Plus, you pay directly the hotel.

Detailed maps including street view

(where available). Find the major points of interest on the map so you can chose to stay close to whatever interests you the most: monuments, parks, restaurants, etc. or stay away from noisy places like hospitals or police stations where the sirens may keep you up all night long

Detailed hotel information

: images, hotel and room facilities

Traveller reviews

will tell you what others think

Weather forecast and climatic averages

will help tourists not to be surprised by weather; they will even know the day length, the sunrise or the sunset time for hotels

Increase room occupancy by receiving more reservations and having exposure to more loyal customers
No registration costs, no annual fees
Commission based model - you only pay commission on what you sell and only after the clients check-in
Choose whatever commission you would like to pay (minimum 10%)
Automatic inventory renewal based on your base room rates
Bookings guaranteed by credit card preauthorization
Easy-to-use hotel extranet, through which you can manage all your bookings in real time and your property
Dedicated support on promoting your hotel
Reach different type of consumers: from last minute seekers to luxury-oriented travelers
You don't sell your property only through us, but through our affiliates and partners worldwide