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Frequently Asked Questions - Hotel Partners

Q: Is there any registration, annual maintenance, or cancellation fee?

A: No and there is no other fixed cost! You only pay a commission on bookings coming from

Q: Is your company charging the guest any fee?

A: No, the guests only have to preauthorize their credit card in order to secure the reservation and in case they fail to comply with each hotel cancellation policy.

Q: What happens in case of "no show"?

A: In case of no show the hotel partner has to tag this booking using the extranet and no commission will be charged.

Q: How do I maintain Hotel information, room availability and prices?

A: Our intuitive and easy to use extranet will allow you to maintain all information about your hotel and rooms including pictures, prices and allocations. You will be also able to add or remove room types or facilities.

Q: How do I deal with the reservations?

A: You will be notified for any confirmed reservation via email, than you can check online the reservation details like: customer's name, estimated arrival time, etc...

Q: How can I get more bookings?

A: You can get more bookings by keeping best room rates, informative and truthful descriptions of the hotel and rooms and up to date pictures of the property. Also, you may consider to increase the commission you pay so your property will rank higher on

Q: Where and when will pay the guest for the hotel?

A: The guest will only pay at the hotel usually at check in. Please note that some hotels may choose to offer better deals on rooms paid in advance and un-refundable payment.